A No Nonsense, Practical & Transparent Approach to Digital Marketing

The Small Business Team at iEvolu is committed to providing critical digital marketing services to help you grow your small business.

Below is a breakdown of a realistic plan of action to approach your digital marketing needs for your business. We have put our services in an order of priority so each subsequent service builds on the foundation of the previous service. We strive and are passionate about building a strong, scalable foundation for your small business to grow and succeed.

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Step #1

There is still a debate on whether a business needs a website.  Our philosophy and advice is that a website is the most important fundamental marketing tool for a business.  A business can control it's key business information, messaging and interact with it's customer utilizing a website.  Other options such as Facebook, don't allow you control of your messaging and you are forced into a templated interface that looks like all other businesses. In addition, not everyone is an active user of Facebook, but are active users of search engines.

Annual Cost for a website:
  • Domain Name - $15
  • Web Hosting - $200
  • SSL Certificate - $75
So you will need to budget approximately $300 per year for your website. As your business grows, you may need to upgrade hosting at a higher price, but that will be a good problem to have - more website visitors 🙂 Of great importance too, is that you control your domain name and web hosting account.  A website is an asset to a company and should be protected with limited access as needed to digital marketing services.  We can set it up so you are in control of the these items and how we access your account to do our work and how you can close that access as needed.

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Step #2

Once you have your website ready to go, you can claim and optimize key business listings and distribute your business listings across the internet.

We start by auditing your key business information and claiming and optimizing the following listings:

  • Google My Business Listing
  • Yelp Business Listing
  • Bing Places Listing
  • Apple Maps Listing
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Step #3

So you got your website launched, claim & optimized your key business listings and distributed your listing data across the internet.

Now it is time to Get Social!

Our team will set, optimize and verify social media accounts for you:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Research your industry for any additional social media networks
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Bundle Steps 1, 2 and 3 
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We keep things simple and organized as we work through the information we need to create your website, claim and optimize business listings and setting up social networks.

We communicate each step of the way sending out notifications of what is next and why each step is necessary.  We pride ourselves in trying to mitigate the pain of digital marketing.

We maintain a dashboard to organize important information and steps as well as providing timely notifications and reminders.

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One you build your foundation, these are additional quoted services we offer: